Iron Cove God Of War?

How do I get through Iron Cove?

Go to the top of the mountain in the Isle of Death region and slide down the right zipline to land in the “Iron Cove”.

There’s an old ship on the mountain.

To make a path you must throw your axe at the red explosives.

One is hanging above the boat, some explosives you can hit from inside the boat.

How do you destroy the gold rocks in God of War?

In order to destroy this type of rock, you have to throw an axe into a bomb. The explosion will destroy the stones and reveal the access to e.g. hidden chests. Sometimes the bombs are hung over the rocks and you have to throw them down with the help of Leviathan.

How are the Council of Valkyries collectible?

God of War – Council of Valkyries All Collectible Locations (

  • 1 – Raven 1/1. []
  • 2 – Purple Language Cipher Chest 1/1. []
  • 3 – Realm Tear Encounter 1/1. []
  • 4 – Lore Marker 1/1. []
  • 5 – Dragon / Favor 1/1. []
  • 6 – Shop 1/1. []
  • 7 – Mystic Gateway 1/1. []
  • 8 – Valkyrie Queen 1/1. []

Where is the N in Volunder mines?

The Volunder Mines is an optional area accessible from the Shores of Nine. Its entrance is to the south east of the center of the lake, with an entrance through the Volunder Chasm. This is where to find the Favor Second Hand Soul.

1 Favor 1 Mystic Gateway 1 Shop
1 Odin’s Raven 3 Lore Markers 1 Legendary Chest