Iroas, God Of Victory?





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Iroas, God of Victory

Magic: The Gathering card

How does Iroas god of victory work?

Iroas, God of Victory rulings: 2014-04-26: Iroas’s last ability prevents all damage dealt to attacking creatures you control, not just combat damage. 2014-04-26: If a God is attacking or blocking and it stops being a creature, it will be removed from combat.

What is Iroas?

Iroas is the god of honor and victory in war. He governs both personal valor and bravery in battle, and thus he also governs warfare. He is twin to Mogis, god of slaughter, who commands the dark and brutal side of war, and the two spar constantly.

How many gods are in Theros beyond death?

seven Gods

How many gods are in MTG?

The five major gods are featured in Theros, while the ten minor gods are featured in Born of the Gods and Journey into Nyx.