How To Spend Time With God?

How can I spend more time with God?

Here are 6 ways to spend more time with God.


  • “Thank you Lord.”
  • “Heal her God.”
  • “Eliminate my debt.”
  • “Forgive my sinfulness.”
  • “Save him Lord.”
  • “Redeem her God.”
  • “Protect my mind.”
  • “Comfort my soul.”

How do you spend time with God alone?

How to Spend Time Alone with God

  1. Pick a time. This may be the most difficult hurdle to jump in fighting for your alone time with God – just showing up.
  2. Start with a song. If you’re going with the morning quiet time route, you may need some help waking up.
  3. Open the word (and maybe an app). It’s mealtime.
  4. Journal your thoughts and prayers.
  5. Pray.

How do you engage with God?

14 Creative Ways to Engage with God

  • Write a letter addressed to God telling Him something.
  • Find a passage of scripture that speaks to you.
  • Choose a worship song to rewrite in your own words.
  • Grab a cup of coffee or tea and have a conversation with Jesus.

What is quiet time with God?

Quiet time, also stated as heart-to-heart time, or one-on-one time with the creator, is a regular individual session of Christian spiritual activities, such as prayer, private meditation, contemplation, worship of God or study of the Bible.