How To Pray To God To Watch Over You?

20 Powerful Prayers for Protection and Safety

God wants us to let go of fear and live life to the fullest! (John 10:10) Use these prayers for protection to remind yourself of who God is and the protection he has promised you.

1. Prayer for Personal Protection

Lord, we are bombarded with images that make us vulnerable to sin. Surround us with Your divine hedge of protection. Encircle us with Your strength and might. Dress us in Your armor so that we can stand firm against the schemes of the devil. Lynn Cooke’s prayer for her grandchildren: Keep evil at bay, and help them to trust You as their refuge and strength.

5. “Priestly Blessings” Prayer from Scripture:

The “Priestly Blessing,” also known as the “Aaronic Benediction,” is a prayer in Numbers 6:22-27 that makes seven requests. The words “bless” and “keep” mean “watch, guard, defend.” Lord, please calm my children’s fears; soothe their anxious souls. Keep them complete and whole in their thinking, emotions, desires, and actions. I love them, but You love them more.

6. Prayer for Comfort and Protection

Jessica Martin writes, “I choose to find my rest in You,” and “May I look to You first, and nothing else, for comfort and protection,” in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

8. Thanks for God’s Protection

In Jesus’ name, Amen. Kill Beran’s 2016 prayer: May I remember that You can use everything for my good and Your glory; may God give me a heart of trust, and take away the desire to lean on my own understanding.

9. Protection of God

I can’t live without You. I can’t face tomorrow without the assurance of Your presence, – Mary Southerland. Today, I choose to walk and live under Your protection, The Most High, and I pray that I may know that I am never alone.

10. My Lord, My Shepherd

Mary Southerland writes, “I surrender my life to you, Lord, my God, and my Shepherd; forgive me when I complain that the path You have chosen for me is harder than I want it to be,” and she prays, “In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

11. Prayer of Joy and Security

Gwen Smith’s daily prayer: Lord, I find joy and security in Your presence; thank You for being my Defender and Guide; thank You for providing me with access to Your unending protection and guidance; please help me figure out what to do with my life.

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12. Prayer For Divine Help and Protection

You are our helper, Mighty One, and you have no regard for persons. Help all your people who have been purchased with the precious blood of Christ. No one can snatch us from your grasp. Sanctify us through your truth. We put our faith in you.

13. Prayer For Protection

For the sake of Christ, O God, Sovereign and Powerful Shepherd of all your people, deliver us from all sins that beset us, that we may always be pleasing in your sight, and safe under your protection.

14. Prayer for Guidance and Protection

Fix our hearts on you as we go forward, and following in faith, arrive at your goal. Direct our minds by your gracious presence. Watch over our paths and guide us with your love through the hidden snares of life.

15. Prayer for All in Special Need of Protection

Protect those who may now be exposed to special temptations with your heavenly aid, O God.

16. Prayer for Protection in Serving God

The Gelasian Church prays to the Lord to guard the way of his servants as they travel through the Holy Land, and that they may always be protected by your almighty aid, as we hold fast to the truths of God’s word through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

17. Prayer for Grace and Protection

Prayer for the day: O Lord, hear our prayers and fill our hearts with your grace, that by loving you with sincere love, we may always be protected by your most gracious protection and be accepted in all our prayers and services; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

18. Give Us Your Strength and Protection

Because of our frailty, we cannot always stand upright; grant us such strength and protection, to support us in all dangers, and to carry us through all temptations, through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

19. Hope, Refuge, and Protection

Glory to you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who are my hope, refuge, and protection.

20. Prayer to the Good Shepherd

Dr. Donald Munro Morrison (1889) wrote “Protection,” a prayer recited by Kenneth the Carpenter, in which the Good Shepherd is described as “a hard triumphant swordto shield us securely from wicked hell,” among other things.

Prayers for Protection and Safety from the Bible

Psalm 46:1 says, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Matthew 6:13 says, “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.”

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Which way do you face when you pray to God?

Christians, unlike other religions, do not pray in a specific direction; because God is omnipresent, they can pray in any direction. While Christians do not pray in a physical direction, they do pray in a spiritual direction.

What does it mean God is watching over you?

It is entirely personal when we read that u201cThe Lord himself watches over you,u201d as one version puts it; second, He is u201cwatching over us,u201d which means Yahweh, our personal protector, is looking after us, providing for us, and protecting us.

What is the right way to pray to God?

Humble yourself before God by dressing simply (if possible), not flaunting your prayer to those nearby, and praying on your knees with your head bowed (if possible). Read from the Bible. You might want to start by reading a passage from the Bible that has special meaning for you.

What is Psalm 109 used for?

Psalm 109 is classified as an individual lament psalm (Weiser 1962:690) in form-critical studies of the Psalter; more specifically, it is a lament of an individual person accused of being guilty of the death of a poor man (v. 16), possibly by mysterious means such as curses (vv.

Is there a right or wrong way to pray?

Yes, there is a right and wrong way to pray. When you pray, you pray for things that are beyond your or your abilities. You can also pray to thank God for the blessings he has bestowed upon you. When it comes to things that involve other people, God sends you on a mission impossible.

Do Christians have to pray at a certain time?

Christians were to pray seven times a day, “on rising, at the lighting of the evening lamp, at bedtime, at midnight,” and “the third, sixth, and ninth hours of the day, being hours associated with Christ’s Passion,” according to Apostolic Tradition.

Does God watch what we do?

u201cThe Lord can’t see what we’re doing because it’s dark and no one is around.u201d Or, u201cGod isn’t going to worry about such a minor sin.u201d This devotion examines whether God sees everything we do. We come up with a lot of reasons why God won’t notice our sins, but they’re all false. He knows when we sin.

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What does it mean to watch over someone?

DEFINITIONS1. (watch over someone/something) to guard, protect, or be in charge of someone or something, as in soldiers arriving to keep the peace in the city.

How does God hear all our prayers at once?

As a result, God hears each of our specific petitions through the lens of Jesus’ role, or, to put it another way, God understands all of our various requests through the lens of “this will reconcile them; this will make them holy,” and that is the prayer God hears and the request God always grants.

Do I pray to God or Jesus?

We cannot go wrong when we pray directly to God the Father, who is our Creator and whom we should worship. We have direct access to God through Jesus, who is not limited to priests and prophets, but is available to all of us.

What are the 4 types of prayer?

u201cPrayer is the raising of the mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God,u201d writes John Damascene. This definition encompasses the four main types of prayer: adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and supplication.

What are the 5 basic prayer?

Adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and supplication, abbreviated as A.C.T.S., are the four basic forms of prayer. The Liturgy of the Hours, the seven canonical hours of the Catholic Church prayed at set prayer times, is recited daily by clergy, religious, and devout believers.

What does Psalm 25 say?

I put my trust in thee, O my God: do not let me be ashamed, do not let my enemies triumph over me; indeed, let none who wait on thee be ashamed: let those who transgress without cause be ashamed.

How do you pray for protection from evil?

As I begin this day, I pray for Your protection; You are my safe haven, and I can always find refuge under Your wings. Protect me from harm wherever I go, and keep evil at bay; no matter where I am, I will look to You as my Protector, the one who fights for me every day.

What is the meaning of Psalm 109 8?

On the surface, Psalm 109:8 appears to be an appropriate sentiment for a right-leaning Christian to pray for God to bring upon Obama: u201cLet his days be few; and let another take his office.u201d and may his prayers condemn him.

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