Honkai Impact 3 God Kiana?

Who is God Kiana?

God Kiana is an unobtainable character of Guns Girl – School Day Z.

What happened to the real Kiana Kaslana?

However, Theresa had heard a rumour about Otto, and it stated that Siegfried did not take Kiana, but it was indeed a clone, the experimental body, K-423 which contained a core fragment of Celine. In present time, the real Kiana is hidden by Otto, and the clone- K-423- was the Kiana in the Honkai Impact game.

What is a herrscher?

A Herrscher (German: lord, ruler, sovereign. Chinese: God) is a human that has merged with houkai energy and has given into the will of the Houkai to destroy the current era of the human civilization. They are extremely powerful, in such that S rank valkyries rarely stand a chance of winning if a fight broke out.

Why is Kiana called Tuna?

Fan Nickname: Kiana is often called “Tuna”. The exact cause/source of this is unknown, but the common explanation is that her name sounds like “coaster” (the fish) in Chinese, which the English-speaking fans mistake for “tuna”.

How tall is Kiana?

10 cm tall and comes with base and figure stand.

How old is Seele?

Portrays Seele in white dress holding onto a long ribbon with a warm smile on her face with background of lilies blooming. Size approximately 9 inch tall. Made of ABS & PVC & Acrilyc. Recommended age 15+

Is herrscher of reason good?

Good news for you who spends little to no money on Honkai Impact 3, for the great Nohime Set is also perfect for Herrscher of Reason. Not only because it’s semi-free (since you can get it on Stigma Exchange shop with Stigma Resonator), it’s also a very good choice when fighting a lot of mobs.

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Will Honkai impact get an anime?

Honkai Impact 3rd (Chinese: 崩坏3) is a free-to-play 3D action role-playing mobile game developed by miHoYo. In addition to the mobile game, the storyline of Honkai Impact 3rd spans multiple supplementary media including an anime series, multiple manhua series, and promotional videos.

How tall is Yae Sakura?

24 cm tall

Is Seele a herrscher?

Seele is German for soul, while Vollerei is German for gluttony or overindulgence. Seele doesn’t have a Herrscher core but the Herrscher stigmata on her chest, so Seele’s second personality is the presence of the stigmata who has a Herrscher (of Death) core.

How do you get herrscher of reason?

Team gains 30.0% to all Elemental DMB. Any Bronya, Seele, or Olenyevas in the team also gains 25.0% Total DMG Multiplier. Perform Charged ATK during Basic ATK sequence or evasion. Tap and hold [ATK] button to spend 120 Konstruktyom to turn into the DEA Raison Herrscher Form.

Who is Kevin Kaslana?

Kevin is the first male character to be introduced into the game as a boss, and is Kiana Kaslana’s male counterpart in an alternative universe.