Hearing The Voice Of God?

How do I hear God speak to me?

How to Hear God Speak to You | Jimmy Evans –

What does the voice of God mean?

In Christianity and Islam, the voice of God (Latin: vox dei; Arabic: صوت الله‎) is a “heavenly or divine voice proclaims God’s will or judgment.” It is “identified with the Holy Spirit, even with God; but it differed essentially from the Prophets, though these spoke as the medium of the Holy Spirit.”

How do you hear the small voice of God?

7 Keys to Hearing the Still Small Voice of God

  • Be Aware. We need to be aware that God still speaks today.
  • Be Discerning. We need to be aware that not all things we hear or receive are from God.
  • Be Expectant. God is speaking all the time.
  • Be available. Yes, God is speaking all the time, but we are often too busy to notice.
  • Be in the Word.
  • Be in Relationship.
  • Be humble.

How do you hear God’s voice when making a decision?

Choose a day, or a specific time during the day that you can sit quietly before God and meditate on Scripture, pray and be still. When you do this, you will see past the noise and hear God’s voice.