Hades God Of The Underworld?

What is Hades the god of?

Greek God of the Dead and King of the Underworld

Hades was the god of the underworld and the name eventually came to also describe the home of the dead as well.

He was the oldest male child of Cronus and Rhea.

He was later known to the Greeks as Plouton, which the Romans pluralized to Pluto.

What are the powers of Hades?

Hades had complete control of the underworld and all its subjects. Besides being an immortal god, one of his special powers was invisibility. He wore helmet called the Helm of Darkness that allowed him to become invisible. He once loaned his helmet out to the hero Perseus to help him defeat the monster Medusa.

Is Hades the god of death?

Hades (/ˈheɪdiːz/; Greek: ᾍδης Hádēs; Ἅιδης Háidēs), in the ancient Greek religion and myth, is the god of the dead and the king of the underworld, with which his name became synonymous. Hades was the eldest son of Cronus and Rhea, although the last son regurgitated by his father.

Why did Zeus banish Hades to the underworld?

Zeus didn’t banish Hades from Mount Olympus. Zeus even agreed to Hades’ request to make Persephone, Zeus’ daughter with their sister Demeter, his bride to compensate him for being stuck with the Underworld.