Greek God Names For Dogs?

Who is the Greek god of dogs?


What is the Greek name for dog?

Plato – Ancient Greece is known for being home to many important philosophers. One of the most notable is Plato, founder of the Academy in Athens and perhaps the most pivotal figure in the development of philosophy. Skilos – The Greek word for dog is Skilos.

What are some Greek god names?

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  • Zeus. God of the Sky (Zoos)
  • Hera. Goddess of Marriage, Mothers and Families (Hair’-ah)
  • Poseidon. God of the Sea (Po-sigh’-dun)
  • Demeter. Goddess of Agriculture (Duh-mee’-ter)
  • Ares. God of War (Air’-eez)
  • Athena.
  • Apollo.
  • Artemis.

What are some cool god names?

List of Greek Olympic Gods and Their Roman Counterparts

Greek Roman
Zeus Jupiter God of the sky and King of Olympus
Hera Juno Wife and sister to Zeus, Queen of Olympus, goddess of marriage
Poseidon Neptune God of the sea, brother to Zeus
Hades Pluto God of the dead, King of the Underworld

9 more rows