Finder’s Fee God Of War?

Where is finder’s fee god of war?

The Finder’s Fee treasure is located north of Northri Stronghold, not too far from where players can find the Njord’s Oarsmen map.

From the mystic gateway, paddle up the river until the tower and water wheel can be spotted.

What is finders fee treasure?

Finder’s Fee treasure location

To find the treasure, head to Northri Stronghold in the far northwest of Midgard. (See the gallery above for a Midgard map.) You can unlock this during the events of the “Family Business” Favor, or you can return to Northri Stronghold after.

How do you dig for treasure in God of War?

Climb up the well at the back, and it will lead back to the front of the Witch’s Home. Head along the stone path and stop near the turtle’s left front foot, right next to two large stones with a small log between them. Inspect a small mossy stone near it to be given the prompt to dig up the treasure.

How do treasure maps work god of war?

God of War treasure map: Don’t Blink

When you do, head up the mountain until you’re directly underneath the stone face, then work your way back down the path a little until you find the stone pile.

How the last place they’d look?

Head right from here to get to the map. The Last Place They’d Look Treasure Location: Go to the Council of Valkyries, and head inside towards eight thrones. From the huge faces in the mountain, go left to find the treasure of an enchantment, Unstable Ore, 5 Tempered Svartalfheim Steel and 10000 Hacksilver.

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Where is the island of light treasure in God of War?

The Island of Light treasure map in God of War can be found on the northern shore of the Lake of the Nine, not too far north of Cliffs of the Raven, where players may have also located the Dead and Bloated treasure map rewards.

Where is the dead and bloated treasure?

The Dead and Bloated treasure map can be found just north of The Mountain within the Volunder Mines. In the open corridor with the wooden path on the right wall, follow the walkway to a chain that drops down toward a treasure chest.

How many treasure maps are in God of War?

12 Treasure Maps

Where is the kneel before Thor treasure?

The Kneel Before Thor treasure can be found at the foot of the large Thor statue located near Muspelheim Tower on the south side of the Lake of Nine. If you are starting from the top of Muspelheim Tower, simply go through the doors, climb down, and jump across the gap to the left.