FAQ: How To Pray To Your God In Neverwinter?


Invocation is a mechanic in Neverwinter that allows players to summon the gods for boons and gifts in exchange for loot, temporary boosts, and Ardent Coin and Celestial Coin. It is available to all characters above level 11 after dealing with Karzov.

Unlocking invocation[]

After completing the first step of the Invoking the Gods quest, the Invocation Counter appears, which is a useful HUD indicator that shows how many times you must invoke to complete the quest.

Invocation mechanics[]

Invocation can be used six times per day at any standard campfire, or with a [Portable Altar], [Hero’s Feast], or [Mechanical Altar]. If Invocation isn’t already available, the Invocation Counter will display the time remaining until it is.

Results of Invocation[]

First Blessing: Experience, Rough Astral Diamond Bonus (300 at 50% chance), [Celestial Bag of Refining], Bonus Experience Points (10,000 at 25% chance), [Invocation Blessing]. Second Blessing: Experience, Rough Astral Diamond Bonus (300 at 50% chance), [Celestial Bag of Refining], Bonus Experience Points (10,000 at 25% chance).

List of Buffs[]

Gambler’s Fortune and Righteous Boon Grace of Battle are two buffs that can be obtained by using an Invocation Blessing; the amount given depends on the character level; at level 60, players receive 150 in either stat.

How do you invoke the gods in Neverwinter?

Sergeant Knox instructs you to speak with Aralynn the Pious, who can be found near the Shrine of the Gods in Protector’s Enclave. Speaking with her, and then invoking, completes the quest.

How do you pray in Neverwinter ps4?

What is invoking and how do I do it? Invoking allows players to earn a small bonus of experience, consumables, and Astral Diamonds every hour. Press LB right on the d-pad while near a campfire or after using a portable altar to gain this hourly bonus.

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What does invocation blessing do in Neverwinter?

Invocation Blessings are a consumable item obtained through the use of Invocation that bestows a buff when used. This item can be stacked up to 99 times in the bank or inventory.

How do you invoke in Neverwinter PC?

Characters must be Level 11 or higher to invoke the gods, and they can only do so once per hour. Invocations must take place at a campsite, portable altar, or other designated location. The default hotkey for invocation is Ctrl I.

What do you use celestial coins for in Neverwinter?

Celestial Coins are a type of currency earned every day in Neverwinter, and they represent a gift or boon from the Gods to the faithful who pray to them through invocations. Each day, you will receive a single Celestial Coin for praying at a gods’ campsite or altar.

Does deity affiliation matter in Neverwinter?

Your character can be affiliated with one of 12 deities in Neverwinter, which grants your character a title but has no other effects in the game.

How do you get wards Neverwinter?

The account will be granted 10,000 ZEN when purchased, which can be used in Neverwinter’s in-game ZEN Market. The Coalescent Wards can be claimed from the Reward Claims Agent in Protector’s Enclave, or through the Claim Valuables option on the in-game Home Page, under the Promo tab.

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