Family Business God Of War?

How do I get to the family business in god of war?

Head to Northri Stronghold

After accepting the quest from Sindri, he will give you the Entry Stone for the otherwise locked region of Northri Stronghold.

To get there, sail to the Northwest up past the Light Elf Outpost and to the right of the Ruins of the Ancient, where you’ll find a tunnel – the Northri Gorge.

How do you open the Northri Gorge?

To get to the stronghold, paddle your boat through the Lake of Nine to the Northri Gorge, which is just west of the of the Light Elf Outpost. After paddling through the valley leading to the stronghold, dock your boat and use the entry stone to open the large gate in front of you.

Where can I find sindri?

Brok and Sindri will often follow you around the world of God of War as you explore new places. They’ll generally be fairly easy to find, but the most obvious location you can find them at in God of War is Tyr’s Tower.

Where do I find the Whetstone in God of War?

GOD OF WAR Walkthrough Gameplay Part 24 – WHETSTONE (God