Eminem Rap God Fast Part?

How many words does Eminem say in rap god fast part?

1,560 words

Does Eminem actually rap that fast?

IT’S OFFICIAL: Eminem breaks his own ‘Rap God’ world record for fastest rap with “Godzilla” On ‘Rap God’, Eminem’s fastest verse is broken down to 9.6 syllables-per-second. On the third verse of ‘Godzilla’, Eminem raps 229 words in 30 seconds. That breaks out to 7.6 words-per-second or 11.3 syllables-per-second.

What’s that really fast rap song?

Tung Twista by Twista. Mr. Tung Twista is one of the fastest rap songs in the world by none- other than Twista for his debut album “Runnin off at da mouth”. The song was written by Carl Mitchel and produced by Titan.

How can I learn Rap God fast?

How to learn Rap God fast part quickly –