Do Buddhist Believe In A God?

What God do Buddhist worship?


Many religions worship a god or gods.

Buddhists do not worship the Buddha as a god, instead choosing to show deep reverence for him and his teachings through study, meditation and prayer.

Can you be a Buddhist and still believe in God?

In that context, “Yes” is the best answer. However, even though most of the world’s Buddhists recite the name of Buddha or pray to Buddha, Buddha is not a deity or supreme being in the same way that the Christian God is. For Buddhists, what and how you practice is more fundamental than what you believe.

How many gods do Buddhist believe in?

10 Big Questions About Buddhism, Answered

In Buddhism, gods are called deva and live in a separate realm of existence consisting of 27 heavens or svarga [source: Buswell and Lopez]. The gods of the 27 heavens have nothing to do with the human realm.

Do Buddhists believe in creators?

Creator in Buddhism. Buddhism is a religion which does not include the belief in a creator deity, or any eternal divine personal being. In Buddhism, the devas are also trapped in the cycle of rebirth and are not necessarily virtuous. Thus while Buddhism includes multiple gods, its main focus is not on them.