Destiny 2 God Rolls?

Curated rolls are just fully Masterworked versions of randomly rolled weapons with specific perks.

They are Bungie-determined “god rolls” — meaning their perks should always work well together, and the weapon will have a good masterwork stat guaranteed.

How do you get God rolls in Destiny 2?

HOW to GET GOD ROLL WEAPONS in Destiny 2 Forsaken and

What is a god roll in destiny?

A god roll is basically a perk roll on a weapon that gives it the best possible stats/benefits to make it most effective in either PvE or PvP, your own personal god roll can differ to someone else’s depending on your play style and what activity you’re doing.

What is a god roll beloved?

No Distractions will divide the playerbase. If you’re not one to camp a lane, aim for Quickdraw and Snapshot. Beloved is an adaptive frame Sniper Rifle that was added with Season of Opulence. Thanks to its inclusion in the Menagerie loot table, you can get a quality sniper for use in PVP.

What is the God roll for perfect paradox?

Head to an Obelisk at the EDZ, Nessus, Tangled Shore, Mars, or The Tower and pick up The Timelost Weapon quest associated with the shotgun. After completing the random objective you’re given, you will be rewarded with a random roll for the Perfect Paradox.

Is trust a good hand cannon?

Trust has 78 aim assist which makes it super sticky. It also has that great stability and in-air accuracy that makes 180s my favorite hand cannons. The facts that it has a nice clean model and sounds amazing are just icing on the cake. Yeah it’s honestly amazing.

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