Destiny 2 Beloved God Roll?

What is the beloved god roll?

My god roll is Fluted Barrel, Flared Magwell/Drop Mag/Alloy Mag, No Distractions, QuickDraw with a Handling Masterwork.

It’s assumed that QuickDraw maxes out Handling, but Anecodal evidence suggests that a higher base Handling stat is noticeable with QuickDraw.

How do you roll in beloved 2 destiny?

After you have your Chalice of Opulence filled with the appropriate runes, go into the Menagerie and complete it. Open the chest at the end of the activity and you will receive a randomly rolled Beloved. At the time of writing this, you can actually respawn the chest by exiting the room and re-entering.

What is a god roll in destiny?

A god roll is basically a perk roll on a weapon that gives it the best possible stats/benefits to make it most effective in either PvE or PvP, your own personal god roll can differ to someone else’s depending on your play style and what activity you’re doing.

How do you get the beloved?

To get the Beloved Sniper Rifle, first make sure that your top rune is a purple Rune of Jubilation. This ensures that you’ll get a Sniper Rifle drop at the end of a Menagerie run. Next, you need to make sure that you’ve already unlocked the Rune Compatibility I perk, which can be obtained with Imperials.