Destiny 2 Austringer God Roll?

What is the God roll for Austringer?

Austringer is a spectacular Hand Cannon that is made better by some good perks.

Austringer is currently a top-tier weapon in Destiny 2, and it’s thanks to its god roll from the Menagerie.

If you’re farming for a god roll for PVP, there are two perks you will want to receive: Eye of the Storm.

What is the best roll for Austringer?

Outlaw/Rampage – The classic combo for like, any weapon that can roll it, it’s particularly good on Austringer, probably the best 140 rpm Hand Cannon out there. Outlaw/Demolitionist – Usually you only see this on special weapons but on Austringer it’s like, five kills for a full grenade.

How do you get the best Austringer roll?

So You Want a Destiny 2 Austringer God Roll? What I Think is Best

How do you get God rolls in Destiny 2?

HOW to GET GOD ROLL WEAPONS in Destiny 2 Forsaken and

Is waking vigil good?

The good news with the Waking Vigil is that it’s viable in both PvE and PvP depending on what you roll, but you pretty much have a surefire way of ensuring that you pick one up and that you aren’t at the mercy of RNG.

What does Austringer mean?

Noun. austringer (plural austringers) (obsolete) A keeper of goshawks. (falconry) A falconer who uses accipiters for hunting.

Is Austringer good for PvE?

Austringer (Desire [Green] + Any Red Rune)

Subsistence/Rampage – Speaking of fun for PvE, this is my new favorite roll as you can just shred through most enemies without ever reloading.

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Is moving target good Destiny 2?

Increased movement speed and target acquisition when moving while aiming down sights. Moving Target is a Weapon Perk.

How do you farm Austringer?

Once you get a Rune of Desire, slot it into the top node of your chalice and then put any red rune in the left slot. Now load up the Menagerie and go through it as you normally would. Once you slay the boss, approach the chest and unlock it to earn one Austringer hand cannon.