Death Note Relight Visions Of A God?





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Death Note Relight: Visions of a God

2009 ‧ Fantasy/Horror ‧ 2h 10m

Is Death Note Relight worth watching?

If you haven’t seen Death note series than you should not watch it as it is intended for those who are new to this amazing journey. watch the series which is available on Netflix and other illegal sites. As it is Directors Cut still it got many new scene. So, Definitely worth to watch new scene.

Is Death Note Relight canon?

Death Note /A Official Analysis Guide of the Animation

The official guidebook for the anime series. It contains information canon for the anime series, such as the fates of some of the characters. The two Relight specials are a heavily condensed re-telling of the original anime series.

What is L’s real name?

L Lawliet

Is there an alternate ending to Death Note?

The Death Note alternative ending is a possible ending to show something else that might have happened to Light Yagami after his death. It is unknown if the ending is real or fake. There is a lack of evidence to prove the ending to be real.

Is Death Note Relight on Netflix?

There is a way to watch Death Note Relight: Visions of a God in the USA, even though it isn’t currently available on Netflix locally. Watch “Death Note Relight: Visions of a God”!

Did Matsuda kill light?

Matsuda initially befriends Light and believes that he is not Kira, but at the end of the series, during the final showdown between Light and the SPK, Matsuda, enraged and grief-stricken over Light’s apathy in regards to his father’s death and to stop Light killing Near, fatally wounds Light by shooting him repeatedly.

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Why did Matsuda Kills light?

Ryuk can see Light’s lifespan. He saw that Light was supposed to be an old man before he died. Ryuk said he didn’t know how long he would have left, because they could use the death note to kill Light at any time during his remaining lifespan. Therefore, Matsuda’s shots would not be fatal to Light.

How old is SAYU from Death Note?

14-year old