Coffin Borne God Persona 5?

What is coffin borne God weak to?

Underground Passage

It can also summon Lamia Shadows (Stunning Snakewoman), but they are weak to Ice and much easier to deal with.

The Coffin-borne God drains Curse attacks, so watch out for that, but it is weak to Wind.

It has a lot of health, so we suggest bringing in Mona to help take it down with his wind skills.

How do you get into Futaba’s room?

Persona 5 – Entering Futaba’s Room and Giving her a Calling Card

How many doors does Futaba’s Palace have?

two doors

How do you open the big door in Persona 5?

Go through the main door, head to the left around the lava pit, and examine the sealed door. You’ll need to find another way in, so head outside – Futaba will interrupt you briefly. Once outside, climb up the wooden steps on the south east of the courtyard and ask Morgana to take you to the nearby town.

How do you beat Futaba?

How to Beat Cognitive Wakaba | Boss Guide

  • Cognition Wakaba uses two types of powerful attacks — Wind and Despair. Don’t bring Ryuji.
  • While Wakaba is flying, you can only harm her with bullets or magic skills. They are very weak, however.
  • Survive until Futaba aids you. Choose to send a party member to aim the ballista — it should take only two turns to fight.

How do I open the door in Futaba’s Palace?

From there you can climb up the north wall and scale the ledge to the west. Hit the button at the end of the narrow path to use the ballista. It will break the wall to shine the light through and unlock the door. This mechanic of opening doors is the staple of this Palace.

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Who killed Futaba’s mom?

User Info: Blue_Inigo

So, Futaba’s mom got killed because her shadow got killed. Apparently it was Goro who did this but wait a sec; how old was Goro when he did this? Futaba lost her mom when she was a little kid like maybe around 5 or 6. Futaba is only a year or two younger than Goro.

Is Sojiro Futaba’s dad?

Sojiro Sakura is a character from Persona 5. He is the manager of Cafe Leblanc in Yongen-Jaya. He is Futaba Sakura’s adoptive father, and oversees the care of the protagonist during his probation in Tokyo.

Who is the final boss in Persona 5?