Break Into The Hive God Of War?

How do you break the red vines in God of War?

When he can shoot lightning arrows he will be able to shatter the red crystals for you when you come across them. So keep on trucking through the story and you will get the ability to break the crystals.

How do I capture the light of Alfheim?

The Light of Alfheim

  • Find a Way to the Light. [edit]
  • Get to the Ringed Temple.
  • Reactivate the Ringed Temple Bridge.
  • Enter the Temple.
  • Find Another Way Into the Temple.
  • Break Into the Hive.
  • Destroy the Hive and Claim the Light. [edit]
  • Return to the Boat. [edit]

How do you get into Alfheim in God of War?

In Alfheim (God of War game) there’s a hive. But to get there, you need to destroy all of the “struts” in one throw of an axe.

How do you kill the vines in god of war?

One of the obstacles in God Of War are the vines that cover various chests and doorways. You are not able to destroy them until you get a certain item in the game.

What is the red stuff in God of War?

You’ll learn that the red orbs are World Tree Sap and that the sap is apparently a high explosive when hit with electricity. From then on you can aim at any sap you find in God of War and have Atreus fire an arrow at it.

How do you break into the hive?


How do you open the Nornir chest in Alfheim?

You’ll find this chest near the end of The Light of Alfheim – Destroy the Hive and Claim the Light objective, in the room with the locked blue door. Place the crystal you should have on the pedestal in the middle of the room. It will create a bridge above you, allowing you to access the Nornir Chest there.

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Where are Odin’s ravens in Alfheim?

There is only 1 of Odin’s Ravens located in the Council of Valkyries region. From the shore below the Alfheim Tower, dock your boat and look up at the statues of the Oarsmen – and the front of the closest boat where one of Odin’s Ravens are perched.

Can I come back to Alfheim?

You can’t collect everything on your first trip through Alfheim. Late in the game, when you can open Hidden Chambers, you can return and get everything else.

How do you defeat the Valkyrie in Alfheim?

God of War: Olrun the Valkyrie Boss Fight Guide –

How do you open the door in Alfheim?

Root Node Gate Puzzle in the Light Elf Sanctuary (Alfheim) –

How do you kill the yellow rocks in God of War?

Not all rocks can be destroyed in the game – only those with yellow deposits. You will usually find them on islands, but sometimes you will also come across them during your main missions. In order to destroy this type of rock, you have to throw an axe into a bomb.

How do you get to the secret chamber in Wildwoods?

After the boss fight — you’ll know it when it happens — there’s only one thing left to find. Climb out of the arena and continue along until you fight a few more draugr. On the left side of this arena, you’ll find a Hidden Chamber — you won’t be able to open this until much later in the game.

Where did Kratos get the blades of chaos?

“Kratos, at the peak of his task to kill the God of War, had the Blades of Chaos stripped away from him after he defended his family in one of Ares’s Illusions. With the Blades taken away from him, Ares manipulated the Blades to once more kill Kratos’ family, while a helpless Kratos watched in horror.