Blues Brothers We Re On A Mission From God?

What was the Blues Brothers mission from God?

The story is a tale of redemption for paroled convict Jake and his blood brother Elwood, who set out on “a mission from God” to save from foreclosure the Catholic orphanage in which they were raised.

What movie had the line we’re on a mission from God?

This line is spoken by Elwood Blues, played by Dan Akroyd, in the film The Blues Brothers, directed by John Landis (1980). Many people seem to find God in prison.

What happened to the Blues Brothers?

Here’s what happened to the “Blues Brothers” after their movie became a phenomenal hit. Unfortunately, John Belushi met his untimely death due to drug overdose barely two years after the release of the “Blues Brothers.” He was found dead in a room at Chateau Marmount on Sunset Strip.

How many cars did they destroyed in Blues Brothers?

103 cars destroyed in the 1980 film, 104 cars destroyed in Blues Brothers 2000. Blues Brothers held the record for the most cars smashed until its own sequel deliberately destroyed just one more. For the 1980 film’s main chase, 60 police cars were bought for $400 a piece, and outfitted with reinforced chassis.