Best Armor In God Of War?

Which of Ivaldi’s armor is best?

As good as the other armour is most players agree that the best is Ivaldi’s Mist, which comes in a total of three variants.

Each of them has regenerating health though, which is hugely useful for fighting Valkyries – not to mention everything else.

What armor should I upgrade in God of War?

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How do you get Zeus armor in God of War?

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Is Valkyrie armor the best?

Valkyrie is the best armor. Second best is Muspelheim Armor.

Is Tyr’s armor good?

Tyr’s armor is decent. They have all-around decent stats and are among the first to have 3 sockets when you fully upgrade them. It takes a while to get all three pieces, however, so the second and third one might not be as useful as other stuff you can then get at the time.