An Interview With God Wikipedia?

What is the movie an interview with God about?

An up-and-coming journalist’s faith is challenged when he finds himself interviewing a man who claims to be God.

Who made an interview with God?

A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject.

An Interview with God
Directed by Perry Lang
Produced by Ken Aguado Fred Bernstein
Written by Ken Aguado
Starring Brenton Thwaites David Strathairn Hill Harper Yael Grobglas Charlbi Dean

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How long is an interview with God?

1h 37m

Is an interview with God on Netflix?

An Interview with God is a Christian drama film that had a limited theatrical run in August 2018 and was added to Netflix on March 1. The film was directed by Perry Lang, who has directed a whole bunch of TV over the past 20 years (Weeds, Everwood, Alias).