Alone As A God?

Where does alone as a god drop?

Dropped in Leviathan Raid or from Imperial Engram.

How do I get God as a Alone Destiny 2?

Destiny 2: NEW RAID SNIPER! | Alone as a God Review –

Is the dreaded venture good?

Dreaded Venture the Gambit sniper with good perks is also good, hard hitting. One of the few that can have auto-loading holster perk.

How do you get the supremacy sniper?


How much aim assist does alone as a God have?

Alone as a god
Magazine 5
Zoom 45
Inventory Size 45
Aim Assistance 79

19 more rows

How much aim assist does Revoker have?

Hidden Stats

Aim Assistance 44
Inventory Size 45
Zoom 35
Recoil 72
Bounce Intensity 28

1 more row

How do you get a long shadow?

Exhale. Flash of light. Endless fallout.” Long Shadow is a Legendary Sniper rifle that can be acquired through Strikes and rank-up packages given by Commander Zavala.

What is Benedict 99 selling?

Benedict 99-40 is a Loyalist NPC Vendor found in Annex, The Tower. He sells Imperial bounties and exchanges loot from Leviathan activites.

What is the best sniper in Destiny 2?

Regardless of the mode you are playing, here are the 10 best Sniper Rifles you should own in Destiny 2.

  • 1 Izanagi’s Burden. No other weapon in Destiny 2 can deal as much damage as Izanagi’s Burden.
  • 2 Tranquility.
  • 3 Sole Survivor.
  • 4 The Supremacy.
  • 5 Revoker.
  • 6 Tatara Gaze.
  • 7 Beloved.
  • 8 Twilight Oath.